The idea about it was born in march 2015 by Flo and Felix. The term bigmountainskate was used from us already since years for a new style of downhill skating. This style was about skating down an entire big mountain road, fast long, hard and never ending. All in all we figured that this is the premium class of downhill skateboarding. After LoRaLo was
held down for the 3rd time in 2014 we decided to organize a big freeride in the austrian Alps, called Alpenrauschen. The demand was so high and we had to reject so many registrations that we decided to set up the Bela Joyride, the longest and biggest freeride so far. A lot from our inspiration was given to us by Mihael and Nadim who organize the KnK Longboard Camp
since 2010, an absolute big mountain skate held down in Osilnica. Under the banner of bigmountainskate will be five events in 2016, Alpenrauschen, Almabtrieb, Bela Joyride, KnK Longboard Camp and LoRaLo. For 2017 we plan to host a big Freeride in Tenerife, stay tuned!