Loser Mountain Freeride

  • 12. Juni 2019 - 15. Juni 2019
    10:00 - 17:00

This season, we welcome a new and exciting freeride to the Bigmountainskate agenda. Push your limits on the fastest and biggest track we have done to date. Austrias Loser Panoramastraße is armed with 6km fast downhill skateboarding, 11 haripins and serval moments of over 100km/h. This is NOT a course FOR BEGINNERS, but for the well versed downhill skateboarder, looking to progress on a closed road. If you think a skateboard trip is not complete without the great outdoors as part of the program, Loser mountain has you covered. This road is one of the most breathtaking mountain passes in Austria with crystal clear lakes, deep valleys and hopefully beautiful weather. Get out of your head, on your board and into the vast open wilderness of Loser mountain in the middle of June. This is expected to be one of our most anticipated events to date, so reserve your spot now.

So far accommodation isn’t sorted out but we are on it to find a solution. More infos soon.


  1. Paddy Howard
    3. Februar 2019

    All the way from New Zealand! My friend Grace Wong told me all about your events

  2. Patrick Howard
    3. Februar 2019

    My friend Grace Wong has told me so many good things about your events! I’ll be coming from New Zealand for this!


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