KnK Longboard Camp
KnK Longboard Camp
Week #1 24th - 29th July 2017
Week #2 1st - 6th August 2017

KnK Longboard Camp

6 days
Week #1  |  24th - 29th July, 2017
Week #2  |  1st - 6th August, 2017
Bear's Guts, Osilnica, Slovenia
Type: Freeride, Race
Riders limit: 250
Accommodation: Camping, Hotel
Price: 220€

You’ve probably seen countless videos and got tons of recommendations for this event already. There’s a good reason why. KnK features a 4 kilometers long track carved into a beautiful mountain in the wildest part of Slovenia. The Bear’s Guts track is packed with 18 hairpins which are up to 10 meters wide, so there’s a lot of room to play around with your slides.

It has one of the smoothest pavements you’ll find around and there’s no surface changes from start till finish making it great for learning and improving your freeriding skills. The top speed you might hit on the Bear’s Guts is around 80+ km/h and the steepest grade is 14 percent.