DATE : 05.08 - 08.08


Price: 189€ limited to 180 Tickets
Registration starts: 02.03.2020 at 20:00 (CET+1)
Accommodation: Camping


This 6km long highway mountain road with 16 hairpins, tons of sunshine, many sweepers and long straight sections will make any skater drool. Once you look at the road you would think it was built just for downhill skateboarding. It is a true road porn. The track has two distinct sections. The upper part is quick and challenging with a lot of long strait sections while the bottom part is just one hairpin after another (16 hairpins in all!!!). You better show up with legs of steel.
If you take it really easy you only have to slide 3 times, if you bomb the hill you need to check almost every corner. To top this all off, perfect asphalt (got redone in 2017) combined with this huge wide road makes this one an absolute big mountain skate. Camp ground is about 5 km from the track. Busses will shuttle riders up to the track.
There is a river located near the camping area along with 12 warm showers and toilets. The local soccer club offers some of the best food and drinks along the camp site, don't miss out for the one and only Bela Joyride.

Extras: Big season ending party on Saturday
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