• Only legally registered riders are allowed to participate Bigmountainskate events
  • Only riders with a signed waver/disclaimer are allowed to participate
  • No on site registration, only before the event through our website
  • Bought tickets can be transferred to another person till 14 days before the first event day. Tickets that are transferred within these 14 days before the event  will not be accepted
  • Ticket swap: If you decide to not attend the event you registered for  you have the chance to use your ticket for another BIGMOUNTAINSKATE event in the same year. Please inform the organizers 48 hours before the event starts about it.
  • Follow the rules and instructions of the event guideline. Organizers have the right to exclude people from the event location.
  • The instructions of the organizers, stewards and security personnel must be observed. In particular, the organizer reserves the right to change the track at any time or to cancel the event without being entitled to any compensation. (in case of wrong behavior, dangerous weather situations or force majeure)
  • The protective equipment (safety gear) required by the organizer must be used. Participants violating the safety regulations of the organizer can be excluded from the event without being entitled to any compensation.
  • We do not give any refunds

By registering to one of our events you agree with our terms and conditions.

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