About us / Impressum

We are a bunch of highly motivated and talented downhill and street skaters from Austria, all working on setting up the dopest downhill skateboarding events we can imagine.

We all enjoy skating everything, but our passion is skating the really big mountain roads. Just skating down one entire mountain.

This is how we came up with the idea of this page and its name. In order to show and offer this feeling to other downhill skaters, we decided to take on the hard work of closing down and securing some of most epic roads we found so far, just for skating fast.

We want to provide an uncomplicated procedure: as many runs as possible, some really cool side events and of course some good after skate sessions. Setting new standards for skate events and letting out imaginations run wild is what identifies us.

Körösistrasse 48a
8010 Graz, Austria Phone: +43 660 1420 304
Email: info@bigmountainskate.com 

           ATU: ATU73338658

Firmenbuchnummer: FN444843 g